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Live a life filled with Hope, Purpose, and Connection

We offer courses, educational materials, community, mentoring and conversation all focused on traditional cultural teachings. We believe the Connection we find in these lessons make us more in-touch individuals capable of creating a better world.

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What We Do

Find Your People

We offer spiritual gatherings, retreats, and a community of people who seek to help themselves and the world. Find the strength to pursue your vision with the support and knowledge offered your fellow Helpers Mentoring Society. Share your experience and learn from others who are doing the same.

Awaken Your Passion

Unlock your creative potential with our eCourse lessons and mentoring services. Through the guidance of our veteran mentors and teachers, we'll empower you to take meaningful steps toward a future you are excited about.

Write a New Story

We are committed to building the next generation of leaders. Through our teachings on the Advanced Connection Practices, we have the opportunity to help others release the blocks to their full potential and create a more wholesome legacy of humanity.

Create True Value

What is the value of profit if it only comes at the expense of everything else we value? For businesses and organizations, we offer teaching and coaching to help you build an interconnected team with strong values at its core to generate growth, productivity, and true profit.

Check Out our Course Offerings

We offer a wide range of programs. You'll find everything from introductory-level eCourses to year-long transformation journeys and retreats

About the Founder

Sal Gencarelle

Salvatore has 30 years of mentoring and delivery of nature-based therapies and wellness practices. He has expert knowledge and experience in both ancient indigenous and modern therapies. His focus is on techniques which increase well-being for individuals, families, and communities. He has created a codified therapeutic method drawn from experiences and knowledge. Salvatore has designed and taught over sixteen courses based on this methodology and has presented these courses and seminars in 12 countries, to over 27 different cultures.

Salvatore Gencarelle is the founder and current director of Helpers Mentoring Society, an international organization dedicated to supporting the revitalization of humanity’s relationship with hope and purpose, so that all life thrives. 



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