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A pathway to the Vision of Life that humanity hungers for.

The challenges that modern society faces, including climate collapse and the epidemics of anxiety, depression, and loneliness, are a sign that deeper human-ness within us is not being met.
People are born with an innate need for profound connection experiences, and no matter what we try to do to cover it up, that longing is there. We have found that traditional indigenous education methods address the connection need that is at the core of our humanity. And, indigenous education methods  are accessible to all people.

Traditional indigenous education initiates people into a knowledge of authentic self-identity. Indigenous systems of personal and communal growth work by connecting people to their core self-identity. The most complete version of self-actualization occurs when a person is connected to the natural environment and supported by community. This can allow any person to awaken to their potential, gifts, purpose, and relationship with life.
We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be initiated into indigenous wisdom. It is becoming understood that this is not just a casual pursuit but will be a cornerstone in determining  the human survival on this earth.

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We offer a wide range of programs. You'll find everything from introductory-level courses to year-long transformation journeys and retreats

What We Do

Personal  Development

Become a better human being in deep relationship with self, nature, others and the spirit of life. Come into your creative potential.

We offer personal  development teachings through direct mentoring, events, courses, and products to help people to find their own Vision.

The personal development path starts with our most basic course and products such as the Living Connections and the book Thriving in Uncertain Times.  The learning continues to the year-long course called the Helper's Journey.

We also offer immersion events such as the Helper's Gathering and the Heart of the Quest. 

Students continue to the Advanced Connection Leadership Training and the Lineage Initiation Teachings.  

Lineage Initiation 

Learn the ancient wisdoms which have sustained life and humanity from the beginning. Being initiated into ancient lore will change your life and the future of our planet. 

As humans, we should all be initiated into indigenous wisdom that connects us to ourselves and the creation. It is understood that this is a critical component determining the survivability of humans on this earth. 

A variety of courses, events and products support this the spiritual lineage pathway, including the book A Man Among the Helpers, the 4 Generations Woptura Oyate Olowan CDs, the Helper's Gathering, Heart of the Quest, and various webinars.



Advanced Connection Leadership Training

After completing the Helper's Journey course, students can then join the advanced healing and connection teachings with an international community of initiated individuals.

Advanced Connection Leadership Training courses:

  • Elemental Altars: 1st level healing and ancestral connection facilitation course. 
  • Heart and Song: Sacred Song and drum teachings on how to create energetic healing. 
  • Life Within: Learn advanced purification rituals and rites which enhance connectivity, release that which is stuck to return to the flow of creation. 
  • Healing for Life: The teachings of the tools of connection. Lean to work with the Powers of Creation and work with the ultimate altar accessible to humanity. 
  • Vision and Purpose: Advanced training on facilitating others to enter into periods of deep reflection.
  • Maps of the Mentor: Applying the initiated world-view towards mentoring others. Learn specific mentoring techniques unique to Helpers Mentoring Society. 

About the Helpers Mentoring Society Staff & Students

Who are we?

  • We are dedicated to creating a better life for humanity and the natural world. 
  • We are willing to face challenge and find creative solutions. 
  • We are dedicated to the transformation of the human spirit. 
  • We are Visionary Healers supporting the development of new Visionaries. 
  • We are people who truly care about life, now and into the future. 
  • We are dedicated to using the tools and techniques of transformation to deeply connect to life. 
  • We are committed to helping change and find a way though these challenging times. 
  • We are a global community supporting life. 

Sal Gencarelle, Founder, CEO, Instructor

Salvatore has 30 years of mentoring and delivery of nature-based therapies and wellness practices. He has expert knowledge and experience in both ancient indigenous and modern therapies. His focus is on techniques which increase well-being for individuals, families, and communities. He has created a codified therapeutic method drawn from experiences and knowledge. Salvatore has designed and taught over sixteen courses based on this methodology and has presented these courses and seminars in 12 countries, to over 27 different cultures.

Salvatore Gencarelle is the founder and current director of Helpers Mentoring Society, an international organization dedicated to supporting the revitalization of humanity’s relationship with hope and purpose, so that all life thrives. 




Feathers, Operations Manager, Instructor

Feathers has been working for the last two decades towards the healing of humanity's relationships to the creation that surrounds them, working with both adults and youth to bring about deep connections to the elements that support life. He has compiled his understanding of these ways through a wide range of immersion experiences from multiple lineages and helped bring them to the many communities he works with. 

Feathers is experienced in wilderness living skills and both individual and community mentoring processes. He is an advanced connection practice facilitator and has been working in this way with the Helpers Mentoring Society for the past 8 years. He continues to immerse himself into these practices to deepen his understanding and develop his skills in how to bring that knowledge to others. 

He is a freelance mentor within many varied programs across the UK, Europe and America. He is also a climber, artist, and craftsman and loves to flint knapp and make fires. He also likes to laugh a lot. 


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